For blessings by- Katty bisht

Some of you may have heard about dreamcatcher.  Its a symbol of hope and healing. some people believe  that its a talisman which is used for protection from nightmares or bad dreams.

If I talk about its history. Its originated from ojibwe or lakota origins. The ojibwe word for dreamcatcher  (asabikeshiinh) actually means ‘spider’.  While many cultures find spiders to be creepy crawlers,  the ojibwe people  found them to be a symbol of protection which brings comfort.

According to ojibwa story. A mystical spider woman served as a spiritual protector for young childrens or babies. When ojibwe people started to migrate  farther away from the land. It became difficult  for her to continue  to protect and watch all the peoples of tribe. So she created first ‘dreamcatcher‘ 

There are many mythical stories and many interesting traditional stories behind ‘dreamcatcher’. Which makes it special and beautiful.

Native Americans believe that night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. So when hung above the bed where the morning sunlight can hit it,  the dreamcatcher attracts and catches dreams and thoughts in its web. Good dreams and thoughts pass through and gently slide down the feathers and comfort the sleeper. While bad energies caught up in protective net and burned up in the light of the day.

(I put a star with feather which represents its brightness will slowly slide down to the feather from the star and will lighten up your dreams and world) (the flowers shows blessings) (the half moon represents even in the darkest night it will be there to keep you calm)


Its about time

As everyone is experiencing different kinda’ life.. Sometimes I can’t tell clearly what’s right and wrong.. Its all matter of time. As we grow up we learn many things.. Some of them believe that their spiritual belief can save them from disasters.. While some of them believe it doesn’t matter at all..cuz Everything is temporary..a thought always hits me.. why do we have to fight? I mean its just a matter of time.. We are living our lives.. There is no point of bringing someone down.. But life is really confusing.. We have to fight.. We have to move on.. We have to ignore things.. Ah! There are so many things that pops up in my head… Which is lil’ annoying..

Its like we are slowly getting close to the end.. And still wasting what we’ve got.. On the other hand many of us are Seeking for the answers.. One of the scariest thing I believe is Everything is gonna crush one day.. No matter how hard we try to keep it.. Its just a matter of time..


By caseybaugh

The more i see his creations.. The more i feel touched by his art. The way he makes every art with a deep thought.. I truly admire his work. This is one of them.. I see a peaceful soul.. Even though it represents suffocation. It feels calm. It has many meanings that i can relate it with life..